Custom guitars.... To many, it sounds to good to be true. A unique design, it's own unique sounds and style. At Helvoort Guitars we are happy to translate this idea into a beautifull custom guitar by your own design. A floating bridge? 3- or even an 5-way switch? Explorer, trat, Leas Paul, or something truly unique? The sky is the limit!


At the "Pictures" page, you can find some photo's of some of my projects. Not what you are looking for you say? No problem! Feel free to contact us, so we can try and come up with a guitar you can and will be proud of!

Helvoort Guitars.



  • Gitaar voorkant:
  • Gitaar achterkant:
  • Roasted swamp ash
  • Khaya (mahogany)
  • Set neck
  • Tuno o matic with piezo, strung through body
  • Custom 12de fret "H" inlay
  • Mette finish "red burst"
  • Fishman Fluence set, piezo element
  • 3 volume, pickup voicing switch, humbucker/beide/piezo switch, 3way humbucker switch
  • Gitaar voorkant:
  • Gitaar achterkant:
  • Khaya + ash top
  • Khaya (mahogany)
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Tune o matic + tailpiece
  • block inlays
  • Matte finish "smoke burst"
  • Dimarzio superdistortion set
  • 2 vole, 2 tone knobs, 3way selector switch